Glory Box Whipped Cleansing Scrub

I am a big fan of The Dirty Goat’s Whipped Cleansing Scrubs. Whipped Cleansing Scrubs are whipped soaps that have an added exfoliant in them to exfoliate the skin while it cleans. The Dirty Goat’s Whipped Cleansing Scrubs are super thick and lather up extremely well! Which is something that makes me very happy! πŸ™‚ They also have so much sugar packed into them that they effectively scrub your skin without needing to add another β€œscrub” product.

Glory Box has scent notes of french pear, vanilla bean, toasted maplewood and amber. It is a very complex and unique scent; I will not do it justice through these mere words! I can distinctly make out the scent of maplewood though. I also get the scent of apple and of an almost butterscotch scent. The scent really warms up in the shower and it is a very luxurious experience! The colors in this scrub are super saturated and make it a fun experience to β€œpaint” the colors on while washing and then rinse them off. Never fear, they do not stain the tub or you!

Glory Box Whipped Cleansing Scrub is available here! She also still has a ton of goodies available on her site to check out while you are there! I highly recommend The Dirty Goat, so have fun while browsing her products. She also restocks products on Sunday nights, so keep you eyes peeled for that!