January Box of Sugar: You’re my butter half.

Again and again Ahhh Sugar Sugar continues to amaze and astound me with their innovation and creativity with their products! They continue to create new products and formulas that I love to get a glimpse of in their Box of Sugar every month! This month they came out with several new products that we have never tried before, and I am very excited for this! I am most excited about the soy wax melt! Soy wax is very hard to find, so I am excited that one of my favorite vendors is starting to create it!

The first product in this month’s box is Lustful Thinking Shimmering Shower Gel. This is hot pink with huge pieces of silver biodegradable glitter and it smells like chocolate covered strawberries! You really smell the scent of the chocolate at first with a hint of the delicate strawberries underneath. I am excited to see if the strawberries come out in the heat of the shower! Ahhh Sugar Sugar sent an 8 oz full-sized product in this month’s box, which is super generous!

The second product is a new one, that I am very excited to try. Don’t Try to Butter Me Up Solid Sugar Scrub. I do not have much luck with solid sugar scrubs, simply because they are not abrasive enough for me, but I am excited to try this one out! It comes all wrapped up in cute pink tissue paper and smells of buttercream, butterscotch, and sea salt! I have to stop myself from eating it, it smells so good!

The third product is another new one, Kiss My Sass Soy Lip Balm. This comes in a nice cute little jar, that I can keep next to my bed or throw in my purse. It feels very smooth on my lips, and I quite enjoy it! It smells like sweet candy; like sweetarts!

Cupid’s Kryptonite Bath Bomb Tablet is the fourth product in this month’s Box of Sugar. I enjoy Ahhh Sugar Sugar’s bath bombs, and I am excited to have another one to use! This one is scented in cotton candy, gummy bears, and sweet buttercream. I can’t wait to see what to pair this with!

The bonus item this month is a cup of soy wax scented in Pink Sugar! This smells just like the signature pink sugar scent, and I can’t wait to open this up and put it in the warmer! I am very excited for this new line from Ahhh Sugar Sugar! I am excited to see where they go with this!

Overall, this has been an amazing box and I love this subscription service that Ahhh Sugar Sugar supplies! I seriously think that this is one of the best subscription services on the market! Ahhh Sugar Sugar is going places, and I am very excited to see where it all takes us on this wild, creative ride!