June Box of Sugar: Sippin’ into Summertime

I just received my June Box of Sugar in the mail and I am soooo excited! This month’s box is filled with fruity, zesty, citrusy scents: my favorite! It also has some brand new scents and products in it which gets my product-loving self all tingly! I also love that all of these scents are plays on alcoholic beverages! I think it is super creative, and as a bartender, I love seeing some of my favorite drinks in bath form!

The first product from this month’s box is a brand new product! It is the Spiked Lemonade Shower Creme! I have never seen a shower creme in this format before, and I am super anxious to give it a shot! This has scent notes of pink lemonade, iced champagne, and sugared lemons. This is a very light and delicate scent. It’s uncanny how you can make out the pink lemonade and sugared lemons. The champagne adds a nice fizzy aspect to the scent!

Bath Bomb/Shower Steamer: Sparkling Mojito: This is a small sized bath bomb/shower steamer, but with most minty products, they pack a punch! I love minty and lime scents, so I am super excited to try this out! This product also has cane sugar and fizzy soda scent notes which will just be delightful!

Sugar Slushie: Queen City Vice: This is my first sugar slushie and I am super excited to try it! From my understanding this can be used as an exfoliating soap! The amount of sugar and oils in this is amazing and I am super excited to try it! I also love a harsher exfoliation, so I believe this product will be right up my ally! This has scent notes of pina colada and strawberry daiquiri. This is such a sweeeeet scent, but I love it! You can distantly smell the strawberries and coconut!

Solid Bubble Bar: Lady Mule: I love bubbles! I think the best part of a bath is the bubbles and I don’t think you can ever have too many bubbles! This bubble bar is a good size and I imagine I will be able to get several baths out of it, if I choose to use it sparingly. I love the coloring in this bubble bar as well, I can’t wait to see what color it turns the bath water! The scent notes are fresh ginger, zesty lime, lemon juice, and fizzy soda.

Next month’s Box of Sugar theme is “Flashback Friday.” I am super excited to see what the ladies bring back for this Box! I have enjoyed Ahhh Sugar Sugar products for a little over a year now, and I know there are so many products that I have yet to try!

May Box of Sugar: It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to

May Box of Sugar: It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to!

I love subscription boxes! I love getting something in the mail every month! It is like a present to myself! Ahhh Sugar Sugar Box of Sugar is an amazing subscription box that sends 3-4 unique bath and body products every month. Some of these products are old favorites, some of them are new recipes they are trying out, some we will be able to buy again. They also include a little fact sheet with information on each product and some fun facts! It is all in the personal touches 🙂

Ahhh Sugar Sugar is a small business that runs out of North Carolina by a gal named Haley and her gang of Wonder Women. They only ever produce vegan-friendly products and they are never tested on animals. They are also very conscious of their impact on the environment! I love this company! They have an amazing esthetic and their products and designs are out of this world!

May’s Box of Sugar held four items with a fifth bonus item! I have not tried these items out, but as I do, I will write a review on them and post it here!

The first item is Birthday Suit. It is a Bath Frosting with scent notes of birthday cake, fruit loops, jasmine and clary sage. Bath Frostings are a soft soap with added sugar for some mild exfoliation. This Bath Frosting smells just like cake batter! I cannot wait to get this into the shower and see how it smells on the skin and in the water.

The second item is Lemon Buttons. It is a Sugar Scrub with scent notes of zesty lemons, warm sugar cookies, and powdered sugar. It has a light lemon scent with a hint of bakery. I love Ahhh Sugar Sugar sugar scrubs! They are super exfoliating and moisturizing.

The third item is Yassss Hunny Premium bath oil. This has scent notes of orange creamsicle, birthday cake, and marshmallows. This is a super sweet and sugary scent!I am excited to try this in the bath and see how it moisturizes the bath water. This product comes in a super cute little Honey Bear!

The fourth item is Shake ya Shortcake. It is a bath bomb on bottom with a bath melt on top. This has scent notes of fluffy cake, fresh strawberries, and sweet cream. You can definitely pick up on the strawberries and the cream in this scent! It is a beautifully light scent. Nothing overpowering. This scent reminds me of Lush’s Yummy Mummy Shower Cream, so if you enjoy that scent, you are sure to LOVE this one. This is an average sized bath bomb, with an oversized bath melt on top. It is shaped like a cupcake! The bath melt is made with pure cocoa butter and will be super moisturizing on the skin!

The BONUS item is Birthday Shot-sky. This is a Jelly Soap Shot. This has scent notes of cotton candy and grape bubblegum. This comes in a little plastic 2 oz cup and it looks just like a Jello Shot! It is a super cute and clever idea. It is really jiggly and looks like jello! This can be used as a soap or to make bubbles in your bath! It reminds me of Lush’s Shower Jellies. If you like that type of product, than you will LOVE this.

Again, I love this subscription box and I definitely think this is worth the money. You can choose to prepay for 6 or 12 months, or you can pay month to month. If you choose to prepay, than the boxes get a little cheaper. If you choose the 12 month plan, then the boxes are $26.25 a month. The 6 month plan are $32 a month. The month to month plan is $34.99 a month. It is worth it to prepay in the long run, but if you only want to try it out or get it for a present, then it is nice to have the option to only by it for a month.

I love this company’s values, and I enjoy being able to buy and support small businesses. This is not sponsored. Ahhh Sugar Sugar does not even know of me or know that I would be writing this review. I am just a huge fan, I enjoy their products and values, and I believe in supporting small businesses. Check out the company and figure out for yourself what you think of them!