June Empties!

Zoetic Bath Salts: I loved these bath salts and I was able to get several uses out of the jar! I will definitely look into repurchasing these! I love that they come in glass jars that I can reuse later! Check out the review I did on them here: https://delightfulramblings.com/2017/07/04/zoetic-gravity-bath-salts/

Soap and Glory Deep Moisture Body Milk: I enjoy Soap and Glory’s products, but I did not enjoy this scent in this format. I love this scent in the scrub form though! This lotion is an excellent value for the price, and I love that it comes in a pump! I will be repurchasing (but in a different scent) as soon as I finish up some more body lotions.

Bath and Body Works Body Cream: I have this Body Cream in the scent Stress Relief. I highly enjoy these Body Creams, and I like to use them as hand creams at night! I only purchase them when they are on sale from the Semi-Annual Sale. I may end up repurchasing this lotion, but I prefer to spend my money on small businesses with artisan products.

LUSH Skinny Dip Buttercream: I did not enjoy this scent. This was supposed to have clove bud in it (which I love), but I could barely smell it. All I really got from the product was a bland vanilla scent and maybe the soap base. I do not really enjoy LUSH Buttercreams. I enjoy when products and soaps suds up, and LUSH Buttercreams don’t do this. I also feel as though I waste a lot of product when I use buttercreams, and I do not like to waste! I will not be repurchasing this product.

LUSH Aqua Marina Face Wash: This is my holy grail face wash! I love this stuff! I have sensitive, oily, acne prone skin and this stuff is just perfect for my skin type! It has calamine powder and seaweed in it that keeps my oil and acne gone and is a sensitive enough that it does not bother my skin. I have gone through too many of these to count and I will continue to repurchase!

LUSH Fruity Beauty Shower Gel: I love citrusy scents! I enjoyed this shower gel very much. This is citrusy with a tropical twist from the pineapple and vodka. I have read a lot of reviews that complained that this shower gel went “off” within a few months, but I had this shower gel for over a year and it never smell funky! I do not know that I would repurchase this, only because I enjoy other scents more, but if you enjoy tropical scents I would definitely give it a try!

LUSH Antiphilitron Shampoo: This is a clarifying shampoo made from lemons! I love lemons and all lemon scents! I did not enjoy this shampoo. I felt as though I had to use waaaay to much to get my hair clean. I will not be repurchasing this shampoo.

Zoetic Gravity Bath Salts

Bath salts are an excellent way to help relieve muscle soreness and built up toxins in the muscles. Bath Salts help to relieve stress and add benefits to a regular ole’ bath. I work on my feet for hours at a time, and at one time I had a massage therapist tell me that if I could not get a massage regularly that I should be taking regular epsom salt baths to help relieve muscle tension and the built up toxins in my muscles!

Zoetic is an amazing company that puts so much thought and effort behind their products. They make products that are healthy for the skin with lots of added benefits. Zoetic talks about how they take great care in choosing the names, colors, and scents of their products because of the connection between our mind, emotions, and senses. Now that is a small, local business that I can support!

I received the Gravity Bath Salts from a friend! Gravity Bath Salts are made with Indian Sandalwood and Grey Illite Clay. Zoetic claims that these salts help to calm and center the mind and thoughts. If you like the scent of sandalwood, then you will LOVE these bath salt! They smell of straight sandalwood. They add a lovely meditative experience to the bath and I could feel myself noticeably getting calmer and more relaxed. I could easily mix these bath salts with a bath bomb. They were not overpowering, but you could still smell the bath bomb and the bath salts. Word of warning: the bath salts do leave some residue in the bottom of the tub from the clay, but is easily washed away with some water after the bath!

You can check out Zoetic at bezoetic.com . There you will find the story behind the company (I highly recommend giving that a read!) and other products that Zoetic makes! They make some lovely sugar scrubs, shampoo bars (excellent for decreasing use of plastic that could get into our oceans and landfills!), lip scrubs, and facial drops! Let me know if you want me to try anything else out and review it on here! Enjoy!

7pm in Charleston Coconut Milk Salt Scrub

7pm In Charleston Coconut Milk Salt Scrub from Ahhh Sugar Sugar

I am not one that enjoys a salt scrub. They have always been too harsh without adding moisture and oil back into my skin, or not harsh enough yet still without the added moisture. I have always preferred sugar scrubs because I feel as though I can get a deep enough scrub and it moisturizes my skin in the process. If you gave me this product without the label, I would have assumed it was a sugar scrub! It offers a moderate to harsh level of exfoliation (that I prefer in my scrubs) and with the added coconut milk, it leaves a layer of oil on the skin that continues to moisturize even after you get out of the shower.

The scent is something that I believe anyone can get on board with. 7pm in Charleston has scent notes of sweet orange, lemon, macadamia nuts, sandalwood, and rosewood. It is not a strong or overwhelming scent. It is very light, and perfect for the warmer months. I know I will not be able to adequately describe this scent, but here we go! It is a clean scent, with an added layer of woodies depth. You can smell the citrus from the sweet orange and the lemon, but it is toned down and grounded by the sandalwood and rosewood. It has an added layer of sweetness from the coconut milk and coconut oil. It does not lean too far one way and it a very well-rounded fragrance.

This scrub is also just plain good for your skin. Because of the fat content in coconut milk and coconut oil, this scrub is a good moisturizer. Also the Vitamin C and Copper in the coconut milk help prevent saggy skin, wrinkles and age spots. The lemon juice and dead sea salt help to clarify and brighten the skin.

I thoroughly enjoyed this scrub and I will repurchase this product in the future! I think that Ahhh Sugar Sugar does some of the best scrubs and has some of the best scents. If you like a good harsh scrub, that still moisturizes your skin, you should definitely try out Ahhh Sugar Sugars’ scrubs.