Ahhh Sugar Sugar Peppermint Mocha Bath Frosting

With fall upon us, and winter quickly approaching, I reached into my hall closet and brought out some fall/winter goodies from last season that I was saving for this special time.

Ahhh Sugar Sugar’s Bath Frostings are a whipped soap with added sugar for a mild exfoliant. I find that Ahhh Sugar Sugar’s Bath Frostings are not as drying as other soaps or shower gels, but I still use a lotion after the shower for a little extra hydration! Bath Frosting creates a nice thick lather when used with a loofa or one of Ahhh Sugar Sugar’s Sea Sponges! The sugar does provide a mild exfoliant. I notice it more in this particular Bath Frosting because of the added coffee grounds in this frosting.

Peppermint Mocha has scent notes of black coffee, sugar cane, and peppermint. It is a very strong sweet peppermint scent with the coffee as a back note. It smells deliciously like your favorite hot beverage! In the shower, the scent only increases, which makes for an amazing shower or bath experience. You are hugged by sweet peppermint and coffee. The peppermint oil actually leaves a cooling feeling on your skin and is a nice added touch.

As always, the container is reusable or recyclable. Ahhh Sugar Sugar never tests on animals and makes their own unique creations! If this comes back during a winter restock, I highly recommend picking it up!

Shea Shea Bakery: Cinnamon Bun Body Butter

I only needed to use this product one time to formulate a review of it! Shea Shea Bakery stands on the fact that they use raw, unrefined Shea Butter, and if you have ever used raw, unrefined Shea Butter you will know this to be a fact!

Dipping into their body butter, it is not smooth like most commercial body butters. It is more “solid” and you have to work it into the skin. It melts quickly from the heat of your hands, and it provides hours of moisture for the skin. It is extremely thick and moisturizing with all of it’s natural oils, butters and nutrients. I used this for the first time after my shower. I rubbed this into my body, put on my pjs, and felt my pjs stick to me! This body butter is so thick and moisturizing, it needed more time to soak into my skin then I had originally given it! It is such a thick and moisturizing body butter that I still felt the oils, and a protective barrier, on my skin the next morning. If you do not like lotions that make your feel greasy, then you will not like this body butter. I cannot stress enough how moisturizing and nourishing this body butter is!

This body butter is not only super moisturizing it is also insanely good for your skin. Raw, unrefined Shea Butter is a natural anti-inflammatory. Shea Butter also has essential fatty acids along with Vitamin A and E that helps with skin’s suppleness and elasticity. Shea butter can also help to rebuild collagen and has natural anti-aging properties. Shea butter is in almost every Shea Shea Bakery product, and they use the butter well!

This Cinnamon Bun Body Butter smells like the nuttiness of the Shea Butter with the added sweetness of the cinnamon and a touch of vanilla. The scent lasts on the skin nicely. Shea Shea Bakery also creates these amazing creative tops on their body butters. They are beautiful and make a wonderful decoration in your bathroom! Check out their body butters here and don’t forget their other bath and body products! They are definitely worth a look!

August Empties

Here are my empties and mini reviews of what I used in the month of August!

I used up the Lemslip Buttercream from LUSH. I do not normally like LUSH’s Buttercreams but I really enjoyed this one. I felt like this one actually cleaned, and was more than just a high priced moisturizer. I really enjoyed the lemon scent and I would repurchase this product.

The Dirty Goat Lemon Love Whipped Cleansing Scrub: I very much enjoyed this product. It lathered up very nicely and still offered a nice exfoliation. I am a huge fan of the lemon scents, and I would most definitely repurchase next time it is offered! Here is my review of this product, go check it out!

Zoetic Be Confident Strawberries and Cream Sugar Body Polish: I highly enjoyed this scrub as well! It offers a nice exfoliation and the scent collection is out of this world! Definitely check out Zoetic’s Sugar Body Polishes, they are worth it! Check out my review of this product here.

LUSH Eau Roma Water: I like to use this toner water when my skin is feeling extra dry and sensitive. It has lavender and rose in it, which is super calming and hydrating for the skin. It has a nice relaxing, light lavender scent to it.

I used up three LUSH shower gels: So White, Back for Breakfast, and Butterball. All of these shower gels only had a little bit left in them, so before starting a new product, I used up the last remnants on these shower gels. I would not repurchase So White or Butterball, but I would repurchase Back for Breakfast.

Victoria Secret Noir Tease: I very much enjoyed this perfume, and I would repurchase again. Victoria Secret has nice perfume, and it becomes very reasonably priced when they go on sale!

Last but not least, I used up another Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo. I love this stuff, and I have probably been through 20 bottles of it! It is super affordable and works very well. I will continue to repurchase!

August Box of Sugar

Every single month, I am blown away by Ahhh Sugar Sugar’s Box of Sugar! They continue to amaze and surprise me with their new inventions and scents. I continue to think that there isn’t a way that Ahhh Sugar Sugar can shock and amaze me, but they do every month!

This month’s Box of Sugar theme was “Last Lick of Summer.” It was an amazing last box of summer, and a perfect way to end the summer scents. September’s theme is “A Boo-tiful Surprise!” and I can’t way to get my hands on all the upcoming fall scents! It will be a perfect start to the fall season and sweater weather!

The first product is Nat’s Nanners: A Sugar-Free Bath Frosting. Nat’s Nanners is named after Natalie who is the newest member of the Sugar Shack! Sugar Free Bath Frosting are a whipped soap that does not have any exfoliant in it. They are very moisturizing and cleansing. Nat’s Nanners has the scent notes of bananas, chocolate and waffle cones. What I smell is a very strong scent of bananas with just a hint of chocolate. It is a very intense banana smell. I do not enjoy the scent of bananas, so I will probably be regifting this bath frosting. It is a beautifully decorated bath frosting though, and I am sure that it will be thoroughly enjoyed.

Rainbow Sherbert: Solid Bubble Scoop. I am in love with this Solid Bubble Scoop! This is everything my fruity, citrusy-loving heart craves! This bubble scoop is brightly colored and super fruity smelling! This has scent notes of lime, pineapple, orange, raspberry, and vanilla. I can really smell the orange and pineapple on the forefront, the lime and raspberry come through underneath the tropical scent of the orange and pineapple. I do not smell the vanilla on cold, but I am curious to see if it comes out in the heat of the water. I am excited to use this in the tub, and I am planning on just using this and nothing else! This product can definitely stand alone!

The next product is the Snow Cone Lip Scrub. This product tastes AND smells good! I love lip scrubs and use them religiously. This lip scrub is just abrasive enough for the tender skin of your lips, and also adds nice moisture from the shea butter and avocado oil in this product. The scent notes of this product are sweet sugar and iced snow cone. To me, this smells like a sweet sugary candy, almost like those candy necklaces from our childhood.

The last product from this month’s Box of Sugar is Mango Sorbet Coconut Milk Salt Scrub. Ahhh Sugar Sugar does amazing salt scrubs. I believe they debuted their first Salt Scrub a few months back, and it was the perfect salt scrub. They are packed full of moisturizing oils and coconut milk that adds much needed nutrients back to your skin. The dead sea salt works wonders on resurfacing the skin. The scent notes are ripe mangoes, juicy lemons, and red raspberries. I can really smell the mangoes with a touch of the zesty/tart raspberries beneath the sweetness of the mangoes. This reminds me a lot of a native drink I had in the Bahamas that is made up of mangoes, coconuts, and rum.

Overall, this Box of Sugar was amazing and another wonderful surprise from Ahhh Sugar Sugar. I look forward to receiving my Box of Sugar every month and Ahhh Sugar Sugar never disappoints. Check out their Facebook group: AhhhSugarSugar Sugar Babies . There you can find all of the details for their upcoming sales and how to get a Box of Sugar!

The Dirty Goat: Pink Grapefruit Moisturizing Body Scrub

I am a scrub lover. I always have a scrub in my shower and I tend to be kinda picky about my scrubs. I have certain scrub needs that I want from my scrub, and if a scrub does not work for me, then I will not repurchase that scrub (how many times can you say scrub in a paragraph).

The Dirty Goat does good scrubs. Every scrub that I have ever tried from The Dirty Goat has been super scrubby and effective with removing dead skin. Pink Grapefruit Moisturizing Body Scrub is no different! One thing that I love about The Dirty Goat’s scrubs are that a little bit of scrub goes a long way. There is so much sugar, or scrubby bits, packed into each little square inch of this product, that it effectively provides more scrubbiness than most any other scrub on the market!

As you can probably guess from the title, this scrub is very moisturizing. Most of the time, even with a scrub with a nice amount of oil in it, I still feel the need to use a moisturizer after my shower. Not with this bad boy! This product is labeled as oil based, but don’t let that scare you. It does not leave you slippery or oily, but nicely moisturized.

The scent is a super zesty grapefruit scent. It is a very refreshing and perks you right up in the shower. It is warms up nicely in the heat of the water and the scent really comes out. If you like citrusy, zesty scents, try this scrub. You will love it!

The Upkeep of Solid Shampoo Bars

I love solid shampoo bars. I think they are an ingenious invention to help cut down on plastic and also add much needed nutrients to your hair.

As shampoo bars get used, they start to wear down, which is the natural course of things. But as they get thinner and smaller, I have noticed that they do not dry out as well between washes and they stick to the container and start to tear. They also start to get glumpy. I have noticed that some pieces can start to break off and stick in my hair. I would love to get my uses out of my products, but after I hit the halfway mark of my shampoo bars they don’t dry out as well, even using a container, and they start to wear down and thin out faster. Does this happen to you guys and how do guys combat this? I would love any tips!

Ahhh Sugar Sugar: Morality Whipped Meringue

I love Ahhh Sugar Sugar’s Whipped Meringues! They are super thick and moisturizing, and are just what my skin needs to put the life back into it at the end of my day. Whipped Meringues are a super thick, whipped body butter full of oils that quench dry skin and visibly plump up and smooth out the skin.

Morality Whipped Meringue has the scent notes of lemongrass and sage. I would never think to make a Whipped Meringue out of those scents notes, or even think to put them together, but it works so well! Ahhh Sugar Sugar creates the most innovative and creative scents, and it is a pleasure to get to experience their creations.

Morality is a very clean, herbal scent. It can seem like a very powerful scent because of how “herbally” it is, but do not let that scare you away! It is really a very lovely, delicate, light scent that sinks right into the skin. This scent is not powerful on the skin, and after a few hours, you won’t even notice it.

As with all of Ahhh Sugar Sugar’s Whipped Meringues that I have tried so far, a little goes a long way with this product! It is so packed full of oils and butters that you only need a little bit of this whipped goodness to moisturize your whole body. This product is so moisturizing that my skin still feel moisturized after washing and sanitizing my hands throughout the day. I cannot recommend these Whipped Meringues enough!

Check out Ahhh Sugar Sugar’s Facebook Group: AhhhSugarSugar Sugar Babies to keep up to date on restocks or just to learn more about the company. Happy Bathing!