March Box of Sugar: If Willy Wonka was the Easter Bunny

This month’s Box of Sugar is absolute Easter perfection! I was not expecting the Sugar Shack Crew to match all the packaging and make an Easter Basket type feel with this box! It was amazing to open and get that sense of wonder like a kid again! Ahhh Sugar Sugar does it again!

Smell The Rainbow Detangler: Ahhh Sugar Sugar has done detanglers before, and they are always super cute, make your hair smell great, and condition well helping to detangle your hair. I am excited to use this product, because it smells so flippin’ good! It smells like straight up skittles! But skittles that have all been mashed together! It is a SUPER sweet and slightly fruity scent and I am here for it.

You’re Turning Violet, Violet. Bath Frosting: Everyone knows, Ahhh Sugar Sugar’s Bath Frostings are insanely luxicious. They lather up like a dream, they offer some exfoliation, they don’t dry your skin out, and they are beautiful to look at and smell amazing! I believe it is super generous of them to offer a full sized bath frosting in almost every BOS. I was expecting this to smell like Violets. The scent notes for this is juicy bubblegum, warm blueberry pie, and vanilla ice cream. I smell the warm blueberry bakery scent, with just a hint of sweetness from the bubblegum, and the vanilla ice cream to cut threw all the bakery and sweet.

Candy Land Waltz Dry Oil Spray: I am a fan of Ahhh Sugar Sugar’s dry oil spray. It is such an easy, fuss free way to moisturize quickly. This dry oil spray has added shimmer, which will be a nice touch in the summer sun! This product has scent notes of powdered sugar, cake batter, sugar sprinkles, and sweet tarts. To my nose, I get a bakery sweet tart scent. I am not loving the scent in the bottle, but I am curious to see how it smells on the skin.

Dreamers of Dreams Solid Bubble Bath: This pastel rainbow bubble bar is gorgeous! I love all the colors and the way they wrapped it up like a lollipop. Ahhh Sugar Sugar bubble bars create mounds of bubbles and make the water super soft in your tub. This has scent notes of watermelon jolly rancher and fruit loops, which they hit spot on. It smells like a super sweet fruit loops scent. I love it and want more of it!

Candy is Dandy Scented Nail Polish: This is a new product for Ahhh Sugar Sugar and one that is super interesting to see them make. I love painting my nails, so I am excited to see how this nail polish holds up. It is said to be scented in grape airhead. At this point, I only smell the nail polish, but should be able to smell the grape airhead when my nails dry.

Overall, Ahhh Sugar Sugar knocks it out of the park again! I don’t know how these guys do it, but they just continue to put out amazing, creative products that “wow” everyone. Plus, they continue to communicate with and listen to their customers! There is a reason these ladies have a cult following, and this is why!

If you haven’t tried Ahhh Sugar Sugar, what are you waiting for?

February and March Empties!

Can you believe it is April already? This year has been flying by which is exciting and scary all at the same time! I have been using up my stash nicely, and I am excited to see some of my older products being moved out of my stash and my stash at a more reasonable level!

Ahhh Sugar Sugar Unicorn Farts Foaming Hand Soap: This was a nice, pretty soap. It lathered well, smelled amazing, and did the job. It smelled of sweet, tart berries. I am not a fan of foaming hand soap, but this did was it was supposed to do. I would not repurchase this.

Redken All Soft Shampoo: This was a nice shampoo, but it did not knock my socks off. It lathered well, smelled nice, and didn’t dry my hair out. I would not repurchase. There are better shampoos out there.

Bliss Bump Attendant: These are a lifesaver! When we moved here, I kept struggling with ingrown hairs. This product totally eliminated them! I use this after every other shower, and no more ingrown hairs. Check this out if you struggle with ingrown hairs! I have already repurchased.

OLLY The Perfect Women’s Multi: I was not as impressed with this product this time around. I do not know that I would repurchase. I have changed my diet up so that I am getting a lot of my daily vitamin and minerals, so I just don’t know that I need a regular multi.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater: I very much enjoyed this product! It was a nice facial spray that worked before or after makeup. It helped to calm my skin down and it smelled light and delicate. I would repurchase.

LUSH Kitchen Hot Toddy Shower Gel: This is a sad empty. Hot Toddy is one of my favorite shower gels and I am sad to have finished one from my stash. I would absolutely repurchase if they sold these again. It is such a nice warm, spicy scent. It was a gorgeous color of red with gold sparkles.

Ahhh Sugar Sugar Fresh To The Core Whipped Meringue: I love Ahhh Sugar Sugar Whipped Meringues and this one was no different. The smell at first was great, it was a tart apple scent, but the more you used it the more it started to smell like plastic. I would not repurchase this scent.

The Dirty Goat Vetiver Probiotic Deodorant: This is my holy grail deodorant. I don’t use anything else on my underarms. I enjoyed this scent, it was a nice woodies, musky, while still be fresh, scent. I would repurchase.

Ahhh Sugar Sugar Mrs. Claus Bath Frosting: I enjoy their bath frostings and use them all the time. They are super luxurious. I love this scent! I am surprised it didn’t make it into their “classics” group. I would repurchase this and I have!

LUSH Kitchen Tramp Body Lotion: I love the Lush Kitchen Body Lotions and wish LUSH sold this formula all the time. Tramp smells like a walk in a wet, mossy field and I love it! I would absolutely repurchase this scent if they sold it again.

NYM Clean Freak Dry Shampoo: I love this stuff and continue to go back to it. It is holy grail status for me.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Eye Cream: This was just alright. I would not repurchase. It did moisturize, but it did not leave me feeling hydrated all day.

LUSH Sleepy Body Lotion: I enjoyed this hand cream and would repurchase. I use this at night before bed. It is very moisturizing and almost greasy. It smells like a musky lavender.

LUSH Fairy Dust Dusting Powder: I enjoyed this. It smelled very sweet, and it did what it was supposed to do. I don’t know that I would repurchase, because I just don’t think I have a need for a dusting powder.

LUSH Christingle Body Conditioner: I love LUSH’s body conditioners. They work great and last a long time. This is a VERY minty scent. I would repurchase this.

Whew, holy empties! Glad we made it through! If you are still here and reading this far, thank you! I appreciate you, and you are my people. I hope you have a great April and use all of the amazing bath and body products!

Thank you for reading my ramblings.

Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum


I moved states about 6 months ago, started a new job, using new water and dealing with different environmental factors and stressors, and my skin has been paying for it. I have been dealing with acne, texture, dry patches, and none of my normal skincare has been working at calming my skin. It was getting to the point, where I was starting to get really upset and self-conscious about my skin, because I just couldn’t seem to get it under control.

In comes Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum. I was pretty skeptical about this brand, to be honest. It did not look like high quality stuff, and I was worried about it either not doing anything or breaking me out more, but after reading some of the reviews and ingredients, I was intrigued. I wanted a serum/acid that would help calm my skin, and start to lighten up the scars on my face from my recent breakouts. After reading about the antioxidant properties in this blend, I was cautiously excited to see if this would help calm my skin down.

This product has been THE ONE product that has helped my skin these past few months! Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum has evened out my skin tone, brightened my skin, smoothed out the texture, and helped stop my acne. I notice when I skip days with this product, because my skin starts to look dull, texture forms, and I start to get more acne. This product has quickly become a staple for me in my skincare routine and one I will not be giving up anytime soon.


Vitamin C and E are powerful and protective antioxidants that help reduce the appearance of discoloration and wrinkles. Ferulic Acid, when combined with Vitamin C and E, has a compounding effect with the antioxidants. Hyaluronic Acid helps plump up the skin. Konjac Root creates a thin protective barrier and helps to smooth and soften the skin. Konjac Root is also high in nutrients such as copper, zinc, iron, magnesium, fatty acids, and much more! Chamomile Extract also forms a protective barrier and helps to calm the skin and Clary Sage is a natural toner and astringent!

This serum is jam packed with amazing ingredients that are powerful and effective for the skin, and they have been blended perfectly for maximum results. I am a believer in Mad Hippie Skin Care, and I will be returning to try more products from their line! Any suggestions?

Thank you for reading these ramblings, my friends, I appreciate you all!

New Content


As some of you may have noticed, the content on my Instagram has changed slightly. I am still using and reviewing bath and body products, and I love the the bathing community, but I also have other passions and interests that I would like to share!

I have celiac disease, so the food that I put into my body is very important to me. I also am a big believer in natural health and wellness. I know that that is not the content and “brand” that I have created on Delightful Ramblings, but it is a passion of mine, and one I would like to share!

I would like to create another Instagram to share all of my natural health and gluten-free love, and (hopefully) start to sell some of my delicious gluten-free sourdough bread! I would keep Delightful Ramblings Instagram and the blog going, and just upload blog posts from both pages onto this site.

Now that I have worked through all of that! I need a name for this new venture! I would like it to be something simple, yet memorable. Something that showcases my love for gluten-free food, and natural health and wellness, but not something so plain like “gluten-free Alyse.” Ya dig? Could you all help me with this?! The creative aspect of coming up with a name is not my strong suit, and I would love your help! If you would be so kind, drop those name recommendations in the comments below!

Thank you for listening to these ramblings and allowing me to work my thoughts out on “paper.” I appreciate this space and everything that it has become and what it can be.

February Box of Sugar: Shamrocks on Bourbon Street

Hello! Wow, it has been a long time since I have been on here! If you are curious about where I have been and what I have been doing, I am planning on writing a post about that later in the week, so stay tuned if you are interested! But today is about Ahhh Sugar Sugar!! You all know that Ahhh Sugar Sugar is one of my favorite small businesses, and for good reason! They continue to put out BOMB products that are creative, innovative, and their scent blends are out of this world! This Box of Sugar is no different!

King Cake Bath Frosting: This is their traditional bath frosting that is a whipped soap with added sugar for extra exfoliation. This is scented in warm butter, flaky croissant, and cinnamon sugar. To me, this smells of a warm cinnamon, vanilla, cake. It is amazing! Bakery scents are not my favorite, but the cinnamon does it for me! This is a warm, soothing scent. There is a mini baby on the top of the bath frosting, which dates back to ancient pagan festivals. If you got the piece of cake with the baby in, it meant you were the King for the day!

Twenty Four Karat Tea Tonic: Now this is LUXURY! This is the first facial oil that Ahhh Sugar Sugar has ever made! This oil has rosemary, lavender, rose, and jasmine. It is said to refresh dull, tired skin. I have not used it yet, but I will post a review here when I do! I love a good facial oil! This is in a lovely glass bottle with a dropper. It has a light, herbal scent that is not overpowering and is quite relaxing.

Category Five Spritz: I love Ahhh Sugar Sugar Spritzers and these bad boys just fly under the radar! Ahhh Sugar Sugar Spritzers are powerfully scented room and linen sprays that can fill a room with a delightful scent that lasts. This is scented in frozen margarita and tropical hurricane. This smells like an amazing fruity vacation that I want to be on!

French Quarter Lace Whipped Meringue: These Whipped Meringues are highly moisturizing and highly scented! They are one of my favorite moisturizers and I always have one on hand! This is scented in vanilla, orchid flower, fressia, and powdered sugar. To me, this smells of an amazing bouquet of flowers, without being too flowery! This is my favorite scent out of this box, and I can’t wait to smell like this!

Zero Lucks Given Hand Sanitizer: I do not believe that Ahhh Sugar Sugar has ever made a hand sanitizer before! That is so exciting! I cannot wait to try this hand sanitizer, because I love and use hand sanitizer, but they always seem to dry my hands out! This hand sanitizer has an aloe base, which is super moisturizing, but with added Pro Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E to help promote healing and prevent dry skin!

Overall, I think this is an amazing box and Ahhh Sugar Sugar just continues to outdo themselves every month! We had TWO new products in this months box, all products were full sized, and the packaging was on point! I personally loved the confetti and glitter, but I can understand why some don’t.

Ahhh Sugar Sugar has opened this monthly subscription box to whoever wants to join, there is no longer a wait-list! Just be sure to sign up before the month’s deadline! You will not be disappointed!

Six Months Of Makeup Empties

About six months ago, I shared a blog post about Project Panning. In it I had talked about a few makeup products that I wanted to use up this year and taking stock of my makeup collections as a whole. I have no problem going through bath and body products, but finishing up makeup products can take forever! I started to feel really discouraged when every month, I wouldn’t have any makeup empties even after making a conscious effort to use products. Then, I stumbled upon Evelyn from Beauty Wolf Girl (her IG handle). Her blog, We Were Raised By Wolves, has a whole playlist of Makeup Empties where you can actually see noticeable progress on her project pans because they are done every six months. Go check out her Makeup Empties, and everything else she has to share! She has some amazing foodie recipes and some great product reviews!

So I started saving my makeup empties around six months ago to see what actual progress I could make in that time, what products I seem to use up quicker or take me longer to use, and what I have enjoyed or disliked from the past six months. I did not finish as many products as I wanted to in this first six months, but I have a feeling that these next will have more empties!

Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Oil Control Fixing Spray: I enjoyed this product and I would consider repurchasing it! It helped control my oil, kept my makeup in place all day, and it is a good price for the product.

Butter London Double Decker Lashes Mascara: I very much enjoyed this mascara, and I do not like many mascaras! This did not clump up my lashes, had a nice dry formula, and left my lashes long and volumized. I would consider buying this mascara again. I also have found that I enjoy mascara in trial-size tubes better than mascara in full-sized tubes. Anyone else?

L’oreal Infallible Pro-Glow Liquid Foundation: Now, I am an oily girl, so normally I would not buy this product, but I have been struggling with some dry patches on my skin, so I was looking for something that would not stick to those dry patches. I enjoyed this product. It is a very beautiful foundation, gives a nice glow, and provides medium coverage for the skin. I would consider repurchasing this again if I go through another bout of dry skin. I highly recommend this for people with dry skin.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray: I enjoy this setting spray, but I also enjoy a lot of other drugstore setting sprays that are much cheaper. I will not be repurchasing this product.

L’oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Powder Foundation: I LOVED this powder foundation! It has great coverage, lasts all day, keeps me matte, and looks good on the skin. I highly recommend this, and I will be repurchasing it someday!

Wet ‘N Wild Comfort Zone Eyeshadow: I FINISHED AN EYESHADOW!!! I am so excited to finish an eyeshadow and get it out of my stash. I finished one of the eyeshadows in the Comfort Zone palette, and I am close to finishing more! I would repurchase this product, if I did not already have enough eyeshadow in my stash!

Maybelline The Colossal Volum’ Express: This is my favorite mascara right now! I have already repurchased and am using it again! I highly recommend this for anyone looking for a nice everyday mascara that gives good volume and length.

Overall, I am happy with what I have finished in these first six months, and I am even happier with the amount of products in my collection that I have hit pan on and will soon be finished. I am hoping that within these next six months, I will have finished several more makeup products and that I can start working on some newer products! Thank you Eve, for this great idea!

The Dirty Goat: Ever Since New York Shampoo and Shave Bar

Shampoo Bars are becoming increasing popular as a way to reduce plastic, provide multi-purpose uses, and often showcase specific hair-loving/skin-loving ingredients. I am very happy to see many of my favorite small business vendors creating their own versions of shampoo bars!

The Dirty Goat makes some of my favorite products, including the Probiotic Deodorant that I am always raving about, and has branched out to Shampoo Bars! I was very excited to try her shampoo bar, and see where she takes these new inventions and creations!

Her Shampoo Bar doubles as a Shave Soap! At first, I was very confused by this. Why would my Shampoo Bar be something that I rub on my legs for shaving? Most Shampoo Bars simply do not have that kind of softness or lather to them. This one does! This is the most moisturizing and nourishing lather that I have ever felt in any kind of shampoo, bar or not! It is luxurious and moisturizing, while giving your hair and scalp a deep clean. Most Shampoo Bars leave my curly hair feeling dry, but not this one! It provides a deep clean, while nourishing my hair and scalp. My curls are left moisturized and not frizzy, which is a huge plus in my book!

Now the scent! My word, does this smell good! Ever Since New York smells of sweet blackberries, tart lemons, and butter vanilla. To my nose I smell the sweet blackberries and warm vanilla at the front, with the tart lemon underneath it all to make it more rounded and not so sweet. This scent is amazing and fills the whole bathroom when warmed in the shower. I also love that I can take my hair down at the end of my day and get a hint of blackberry, lemon and vanilla! It is the little things in life 🙂

This Shampoo Bar is huge! It is a thick, solid bar that is 3 oz of love and comes in a biodegradable, compostable wrapper because that is The Dirty Goat, and they are awesome and care for our environment!

Go check out Erica and her amazing shop, The Dirty Goat. She makes her products with integrity and is super knowledgeable about ingredients and skincare! She is an amazing person inside and out, and I am happy to support her small business!