February Box of Sugar: Kiss me, I’m a Sugar Baby!

For those of you who follow Ahhh Sugar Sugar, and/or receive their Boxes of Sugar you might have noticed some up-set on last month’s Box of Sugar. Several people shared their dislike for last month’s Box of Sugar, and praised this month’s Box of Sugar. So many people had something to say, that a pole was created by an admin on their Facebook site. They wanted to know what people liked about this months and last month’s Box of Sugar and what they wanted from future Boxes of Sugar.

I personally have enjoyed almost every Box of Sugar that I have received, and the ones that I have not, I simply sell. I never really have a problem if I do not like a Box of Sugar, because not everything will always be to my taste. But apparently, last month’s Box of Sugar was an issue for enough people that it caused a stir. What do you think of all of this news? Now onto this month’s Box of Sugar!

Queen Maeve’s Cake Liquid Bubble Bath: This is a very interesting scent blend with rainforest and pineapple upside down cake. The pineapple upside down cake offers a very sweet and bakery scent while the rainforest offers a semi-clean scent. It is very interesting! I am excited to try this Liquid Bubble Bath! Bubbles are my favorite part of the bath, and I can’t wait to see how this work! I also love how they showcase a website on the bottle that is working to save the rainforest! I truly believe if we can get everyone involved we can make a HUGE difference!

Drunken Leprechaun Bath Frosting: I love Bath Frosting, and I especially love when I get them in my Box of Sugar! They last forever, so it really makes the price of the Box of Sugar go up in my book! Drunken Leprechaun is such an interesting scent combo. They have it listed as Peach Sangria and Lucky Charms. On cold, I get a Smarties Candy scent. I am very curious to see how it smells when the heat from the shower warms it up!

SHEnanigans Whipped Meringue: I love Ahhh Sugar Sugar Whipped Meringues and now they come in 6 oz tubes! Lucky us! I quite enjoy this scent! It is red berries, vanilla sugar, wild apple tree, and peach! It has all the fruity feels! I can really smell the apple and peach on first sniff! The red berries and vanilla musk are underneath it all and really balance it out well.

Emerald City Premium Bath Bomb: This is such a pretty blue color, and I cannot wait to see how it colors the water. It is also dipped into cocoa butter, so it will be super moisturizing and luxurious in the tub! It is scented in blue agave and cherry lemonade which will make for a sweet, fruity bath!

This was a great box, and like always, I am in awe of Ahhh Sugar Sugar’s creativity and enginuity! They continue to surprise and amaze me. I cannot wait to see where they continue to go! What are your thoughts on this month’s Box of Sugar?

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