Project Panning

I am by no means a Project Panner. I do not have the dedication or inspiration that most Project Panners have to use up different products and keep different Project Panning projects going! I follow some ladies on Instagram that will crush shimmering shadows that they know they will not use into lotion, to make shimmery body lotion. I follow other ladies that can have lipstick work at cream shadow, cream blush, and their lipstick. I am by no means that creative or dedicated, but I do have some makeup that I would like to use up!

A few years ago, I took a look at my makeup stash and realized that I had too much makeup for my comfort (I really only like to have a realistic amount in my stash) and decided that I wanted to make an effort to start using some stuff up and not buy anything until I need it. Through this process of looking through my stash, I have also started to realize the products and shades that I prefer and the ones that I do not, which helps to stop frivolous buying!

I have about 5-6 eyeshadows that I have had for several years that I use weekly that are almost done. In this next year, I would love to see those eyeshadows gone and to start working on and using some of the other eyeshadows that have been sitting in my stash.

I have a few blushes that I have had for years (has anyone noticed how long it takes to use a blush up?!) I would like to see at least 1 or 2 of them gone this year. I use blush almost daily, but it never seems to go anywhere! Plus, it is hard to pass up a good blush palette!

I do not have any issues with using up foundation, concealer, bronzer, or mascara. Eyeshadow and blush are really my only categories where I have excess. But I am hoping with this new year and resolve to finish up some old products, I can see them go down.

As I said, I am not a Project Panner, so you won’t see any crazy, creative ideas to use products up on here! I would just like to finish or get as close to finishing a product as I can and feel as though I get my monies worth. Anyone else have any goals to use products up or cut down on stashes? Is there any a Project Panners out there or those that love to follow those types of accounts? Let me know!

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