December Box of Sugar: 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

I seriously could just stop purchasing bath products, and just rely on subscriptions boxes to keep my bath product stash alive….but what fun would that be!? I love the thrill of looking over new sites, with new products and scents to behold! It makes me super happy to see creations come to life, and that is one of the reasons why I love Ahhh Sugar Sugar’s Box of Sugar! It is a monthly box of amazing products and creations, that I get to see and try every month!

This month’s theme was a countdown to the New Year! We got a bonus 5th item in this month’s box, which was a wonderful surprise! Ahhh Sugar Sugar knocked this out of the park this month, and I cannot wait to try some of the new products!

First up: You’re a Peach Whipped Meringue: Ahhh Sugar Sugar’s Whipped Meringue originally came in pots, but this month they are trying out a new squeezy tube bottle format. I am curious to see how the bottle works. My one concern for this new format is that I will not be able to get all of the product out of the bottle, like I am able to scrape all of the product out of the pot. This has scent notes of peach, orange, melon, rose, and vanilla. I get scent notes of melon and orange, which leads into faint notes of peach, rose and vanilla. It is a lovely, delicate scent.

Gypsy Baby Hand Soap: I have yet to try Ahhh Sugar Sugar’s liquid hand soap, but I have seen pictures of it floating around on their Instagram and I have been curious to try it! Gypsy Baby has scent notes of orange blossom, rosewood, neroli, and sandalwood. I get strong scent notes of rosewood and neroli, with a delicate note of orange blossom at the end. It is a very earthy and grounding scent. Ahhh Sugar Sugar also makes note that the big, chunky glitter in this liquid hand soap is biodegradable which makes it an A+ in my book!

Prima Donna Sugar Slushie: I have only tried and used one Sugar Slushie, and I am not sure how much I liked it, but they are beautiful and scrubby, and I want to give them another try. I know I can find a way to love this product! Prima Donna is beautiful in scent and color! I could not be more pleased with the scent of this: fresh strawberry and spiked lemonade. This is such a fresh, juicy strawberry scent! It is beautiful and I would love to have a lotion with this bright scent! I do not get much of a lemonade scent, but I wonder if that will come out with the heat of the shower.

Hangover Soak Sea Salt Bath Soak: I have recently really gotten into bath soaks. I think they can be a fun and easy way to add beneficial nutrients to your bathing experience! Hangover soak is full of Dead Sea Salt and Epsom Salt to help detox unwanted toxins. Hangover Soak is made with Ahhh Sugar Sugar’s 5am house blend of lemon and lavender pound cake. I get scent notes of lemon with a base of lavender. It truly is a lovely and relaxing scent.

Earl Grey Tea Fizzy Bath Melt: This was the bonus item in this months box. Mine came all broken and crumbled, but that is okay, it will just go into the bath anyway! This is scented in earl grey tea, and it is a lovely, delicate scent.

This was an amazing box with a lot of awesome products in it! If you have yet to give this subscription box a look, you are missing out! It really is a box that is worth the money, and brings a sense of creativity and fun to the day! The hint for January’s Box is “You’re My Butter Half.” I wonder if there will be some valentines products in there! I am excited to try Ahhh Sugar Sugar’s valentines scents!

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