I am not one to make New Year’s resolutions. I make goals for myself throughout the year, that I continue to evaluate and adjust. I have a few specific goals for myself that I would like to reach, and other more vague ideas that I would like to achieve.

Do you guys ever have those? Vague ideas for your future? Where you do not know exactly how your future might look like, but you have vague thoughts as to how you want it to look? I have several ideas as to how I would like my immediate 2-3 year future to look like. I won’t share them all here, because some of them are personal, but a few I would like to share with this space.

I have a few business ideas, that I would like to decide on and make a move towards reaching a future goal for that business. I would like to be more active on this platform and in this community. I want to do more, whether that be creating more content or getting involved in creating products.

I would like to travel to Europe in the next few years and see some of the places on my bucket list. I would love to become so familiar with a country, one day, that I am comfortable walking around and know which restaurants and hotels are best!

I would also like to find a more permanent and steady job, or a part time job that would provide more steady income. I work in the restaurant business, which I LOVE, but it can be a finicky place, and not always a reliable source of income.

And with that last one, I would like to work towards becoming more financially secure. I know, I know, super exciting this one! I am in my mid-twenties now, and I guess I am feeling more and more pressure of adulthood and the “real” world. I just see how people can become wiped out in a matter of months from a few terrible turn-of-events (i.e. car breaking down, sick child, surgery) and how people will work day in and day out and never seem to get anywhere. I would like more for myself than that life. Anyone else starting to feel some of that pressure? Or the will to want something more?

I would love to hear some of your goals for this New Year! Please, feel free to share in this space! I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and a happy New Year! 2018 is here, and I hope we all make the most of it!

2 thoughts on “2018”

  1. I love having New Years goals! You go girl!!
    I want to run a race, be more patient with my children, eat more fresh produce, and just over all truly enjoy life more. I think the biggest thing is to have a more loving and positive attitude for life.
    Best wishes in all your endeavors!


    1. Those goals sound lovely! I love it!
      I agree, I think it is all about having a more loving and positive attitude for like!
      Thanks for being amazing!


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