November Empties.

How late can you be on an end-of-month empties post and it just not be cared for anymore? I really don’t know, because I love empties posts and videos so I am always searching and waiting for them! I hope you guys do as well, cause here is my very late November Empties!

Some months, it seems like I cannot finish a product. Other months, I seem to finish ALL the products! This is one of those months. I might possibly have to break this post up into to different posts! We shall see….

Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash: This is my everyday facial exfoliator. This cleanser has physical exfoliation and chemical. This is gentle enough to use every day. It provides gentle resurfacing that helps even skin tone and clear up blemishes. I very much enjoy this facial exfoliator, and it is the only one that I have found that is gentle enough to use every day and gets the job done! I am interested in trying new facial exfoliators, so give me those recommendations!

LUSH Tea Tree Toner Water: I love this stuff and I always have this on hand! I use this toner everyday. It helps to keep my oily skin, not so oily, and it helps to keep my face acne free! Tea Tree Oil is antibacterial and antifungal so it helps to clear your skin of anything that may have been missed from your cleanser, or from environmental factors. I highly recommend trying this product! I have gone through so many bottles, and continue to repurchase!

Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo: If you viewed any of my empties, then you have seen many of these in my empties! I continue to use and repurchase this dry shampoo because it just never lets me down! I tell myself that I need to try different dry shampoos, but I hate to be disappointed, so I stick with what I know! NYM Dry Shampoo soaks up all the oil in my hair, gives it volume, and keeps me smelling fresh!

LUSH Dream Cream Hand and Body Lotion: I very much enjoyed this hand cream. I used this before bed, and it helped to keep my hands nice and moisturized. I sanitize my hands a lot throughout the day, so I rely on a moisturizing hand cream to restore my hands through the night. It has a nice lavender/herbal scent. It does not leave your hands feeling greasy. I would repurchase this!

Simple Micellar Wipes: These are some of the only wipes that I like. They get all of the makeup off my face and do not leave a greasy feeling behind. I believe that there are better wipes out there that I would like more, but I just have not found them yet, so I continue to repurchase these! They are the best that I have found so far!

Witch Baby Hallowmas Body Scrub: I loved this stuff! I have just recently gotten into Witch Baby products, but so far they have completely blown me away! Hallowmas smells like fresh baked pie with lots of lovely cinnamon. This has actual pumpkin puree and cinnamon which makes it a nice thick scrub! I cannot wait to try other Witch Baby scrubs (you all know my love for scrubs!) I will definitely repurchase this product next time it makes an appearance!

The Dirty Goat Glory Box Whipped Cleansing Scrub: I loved this scrub! The Dirty Goat makes an amazing Whipped Cleansing Scrub! I love a good scrub that cleanses has it scrubs off my top layer of skin! Glory Box is a very unique and complex scent, that I smells like maple, apples, and butterscotch. I have a review of it here!

LUSH Aqua Marina: This is my holy grail cleanser! It is great with my combination acne-prone skin! I have talked about this cleanser so much, that I will not bore you with another love post about it! Try it, it’s amazing.

ULTA Cotton Balls: I use cotton balls to soak up wax when I change out my wax melts. I also use them to help get off stubborn mascara. ULTA has great cotton balls, and I like to purchase them from there, because I can get points back from them to use of other purchases. ULTA has the best points system!

Colorado Earth Scents: I used up two clam shells from Colorado Earth Scents. I used up the scent Home and Sweet Honey Cai. I like both of these scents, but I don’t think I would repurchase Sweet Honey Chai. It smells different on cold then it does warmed up. Home smells amazing though, and I would repurchase that one.

Rose Girls Chunk Wax Melt: I used up this scoopable wax in Cinnamon Glazed Oranges. My partner and I really enjoyed this scent. It is the perfect fall scent! It smells like cinnamon and oranges and spice. I highly recommend this from Rose Girls!

LUSH KITCHEN Ginger Body Lotion: This was a nice light body lotion that really sunk into the skin and hydrated my skin. It is from the Ginger scent family, but I have never smelled anything else from that scent family, so I cannot say if it is true to scent. My partner says that it smells like tea, which is does! The scent sticks with you for hours after putting it on. I am not sure if I would repurchase this scent, but I do love LUSH’s body lotions.

Victoria’s Secret Love Me Perfume: This is a very nice musky scent. It was a deeper, musky scent, but not something that would turn sour on me. I deemed this as my “work” scent, and it was the perfect scent to wear to work. It was never “too” much or overwhelming for work. I would repurchase this scent, if Victoria’s Secret ever offered it again.

LUSH KITCHEN GHOST Shower Gel: This was an OKAY shower gel. It has a very nice scent of jasmine and roses, but it was super light. It would not stick with you, and was easily overpowered by any other scent. It lathers okay, but other shower gels lather better. I have had this for a few years, so I was just trying to use this one up. I would not repurchase this.

AHHH Sugar Sugar Lemon Butter Sugar Scrub: I received this sugar scrub in a monthly Box of Sugar. If you know me, then you know that I love lemon scents. At first, I did not love this scent, but it grew on me. It is a bakery lemon scent. It is very strong on the bakery, and I prefer pure lemon scents. I would not repurchase this scent, but AHHH Sugar Sugar makes some of the best sugar scrubs, so I will always be repurchasing her scrubs! They create a nice course scrub that resurfaces and nourishes the skin!

LUSH 9 TO 5 Cleansing Lotion: I had this in my shower for months! I would use it whenever my face would get really dry, and needed an extra boost of hydration. I enjoyed this product, but it is not something that I need. It is very hydrating, and creates a barrier on your face so the water cannot penetrate it. I do not know that I would repurchase this again, simply because my face does not get that dry!

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