October Box of Sugar: Goggle ’till you Wobble!

This month’s Box of Sugar has knocked my socks off! I cannot get over all of the amazing products and scents that the Ahhh Sugar Sugar team has cooked up for us in this box! They have transformed the bleh unoriginal holiday scents into something completely unique and original!

The first product from this month’s Box of Sugar is Straight Outta Plymouth Classic Sugar Scrub. For those of you new to Ahhh Sugar Sugar, you might have never used the “old” Classic Sugar Scrub formula. The Classic Sugar Scrub is a drier formula than their “new” Sugar Scrub formula. I am excited to be able to use this formula again! I cannot remember the last time I had a scrub with the “old” Classic Sugar Scrub formula, but I remember liking it! Straight Outta Plymouth has scent notes of vanilla pumpkin cupcake, toasted chestnuts, and brown sugar. I smell a very strong scent of vanilla pumpkin cupcake and brown sugar. It is a very strong, sweet, bakery scent. I very much enjoy it and I am excited to see how the chestnuts come into play with the heat of the water.

Oatmeal Cookie Premium Bath Soak: I have yet to try an Ahhh Sugar Sugar Premium Bath Soak, and it is something that I have very much been interested in trying! A premium bath soak is a powdered product with Epsom Salt and European Spa Sea Salt to help relieve inflammation and soothe tired muscles. Oatmeal Cookie has scent notes of warm oatmeal, sugared buttermilk, and honey. I get strong scents of oatmeal cookie with all the cinnamon and nutmeg! I can’t wait to try this out!

Don’t Be A Turkey Bath Frosting: I am a huge fan of Ahhh Sugar Sugar’s Bath Frostings. Bath Frostings are a whipped soft soap that has added sugar in it for an exfoliating factor. They are not super scrubby or exfoliating, but it does add a nice element to the shower/bathing experience. Don’t Be a Turkey Bath Frosting has scent notes of fresh pear, warm cranberries, and vanilla butter. I get scents notes of the vanilla butter and pear with a hint of cranberries. I am excited to see how this warms up in the shower.

Serendipity Jelly Soap: I was wondering if they were going to continue on with their “jelly” creations! We got a first taste of their Jelly Soaps in the May Box of Sugar with the Birthday Shot-sky. Jelly Soaps are a lot like LUSH’s Shower Jellies. They are solid, yet wiggly, just like Jello. They lather up very nicely in the shower as soap, and they can also be used to create bubbles in the bath! Serendipity has scent notes of orange chiffon cake and warm funnel cake. On cold, all I get is the orange scent, but I have the feeling that in the shower the cake scent will come more into play.

Prosperity Rose Hand and Body Soap Bar: I have tried a few of Ahhh Sugar Sugar’s bar soaps, and they are very nice! The soap lathers well and the scent stays. They added sea salt into this bar soap, and I love bar soaps with scrubby bits, so I am excited to try this and see how much scrub the sea salt adds! I like to keep bar soaps in our bathroom instead of buying liquid soaps. Bar soaps last longer and they do not have the added plastic to throw away that liquid soaps have. Prosperity Rose has scent notes of red apple, sweet rose, vanilla, and merlot. I can strongly smell the apple and rose! I am excited to see how the scent warms up in the heat of the water. My partner very much likes this scent, so I am excited get this in the soap dish!

This Box of Sugar blew me away! Every product that I pulled out amazed me! Plus, the full sized products that they gave us!!! Ahhh Sugar Sugar knocked this Box of Sugar out of the park this month! November’s Box of Sugar theme is Don’t Be A “Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins!” I can’t wait to see what they do with November’s Box, cause I love me some Elf! As always, let me know what products you would like me review first, or if you have any specific questions about anything!

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