Mango Sorbet Coconut Milk Salt Scrub

I normally prefer sugar scrubs to salt, but Ahhh Sugar Sugar has made an amazing salt scrub with coconut milk that is super moisturizing and scrubby with huge salt crystals! They debuted this product a few months ago, and it had changed my opinion on salt scrubs! The review of that product is here: 7pm in Charleston Coconut Milk Salt Scrub. I believe that the Mango Sorbet Coconut Milk Salt Scrub is supposed to be made from the same recipe, but just with a different scent, expect that I do not find that to be true. The original salt scrub has the perfect balance of oils and salt to moisturize and scrub the skin. The scrub in the Mango Sorbet scent, has so many oils in it, that the salt gets lost in the oils. It doesn’t really do anything for my skin scrub-wise.

I have found that many people love and enjoy this scrub, but I thoroughly enjoy the “original” scrub formula more. If Ahhh Sugar Sugar were to make another salt scrub with the original salt formula, I would gladly snatch it up! Ahhh Sugar Sugar is a small business and they make everything by hand in small batches. They are an amazing business, and I am a big fan!

The scent notes for the Mango Sorbet Scrub are ripe mangoes, juicy lemons, and red raspberries. I can really smell the mangoes with a touch of the zesty/tart raspberries beneath the sweetness of the mangoes. This reminds me a lot of a native drink I had in the Bahamas that is made up of mangoes, coconuts, and rum. The scent of this scrub is so strong, that hours after I had used it, my partner and I came home and could still smell it STRONGLY throughout our home. I do not mind that strong of a scent, but if you are sensitive to scent, keep that in mind.

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