September Box of Sugar: A Boo-tiful Surprise

I have more than loved every Box of Sugar I have ever gotten, but we cannot love everything, and I still hate to say it, but I do not love this box. None of the products really WOW me. They are all great products, just not my cup of tea, and that is OK. In this blog, I will not talk bad about these products or Ahhh Sugar Sugar. I will give you the same information I always do: scent notes, the different types of products, and any interesting information. I love Ahhh Sugar Sugar, and not loving this Box of Sugar does not change that!

Firstly, the design and craft that was put into decorating this Box of Sugar is stunning! They went above and beyond with this, and I love the spooky Halloween decorations!

The first product in this month’s Box of Sugar is Scream Cream Whipped Meringue. This has scent notes of warm pumpkin pie and pumpkin muffins. This smells just like warm pumpkin pie, which I am sure most people love! If you have been following my blog for any amount of time, then you know that I LOVE Ahhh Sugar Sugar’s Whipped Meringues. They are excellent body butters, and are wonderful at quenching dry skin.

Eye of the Beast Bath Bomb Premium Bath Bomb: This bath bomb is a beautiful blue color with a blue jewel for the “eye.” They were inspired by September’s birthstone: sapphire. This has scent notes of wild bayberry, juniper berry, vanilla sugar, fresh fruit. This bath bomb looks wonderful and I am sure will perform beautifully in the water.

Autumn Rainfall Anywhere Spritzer: My fiánce really enjoys this scent! It is a nice manly, clean scent. It smells just like an expensive cologne. It has scent notes of fallen leaves, warm amber, and brisk air. I mainly just get the warm amber and brisk air. It is a perfect fall scent! Ahhh Sugar Sugar’s Anywhere Spritzers cling to what they are sprayed up and can freshen up a room!

Boo-Berry Sugar Slushie: This is the product that I am really excited for! I did not order this scent from the last restock, hoping it would be in this box! Ahhh Sugar Sugar’s Sugar Slushies are a cleansing scrub, meaning you do not need to use an added soap with these scrubs, because they have soap added in! They are also packed with oils, so they are super moisturizing. This has scent notes of red berries, sugared coconut, white flowers, and blueberries. I am getting a nice fruity, white tea scent. This product is beautiful and does not disappoint.

Sweet as Pie Premium Bath Bomb: This bath bomb is in the shape of a pumpkin face with cocoa butter “icing” as the features to add some extra moisture to your skin and tub! This has scent notes of warm pumpkin pie and pecan praline.

The next Box of Sugar theme is “Gobble ‘TIll You Wobble!” I am very curious and interested to see what they come up with for this theme! If you are interested in getting signed up or putting your name on the waiting list for the Box of Sugar subscription, check out their Facebook page AhhhSugarSugar Sugar Babies!

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