September Empties

The months continue to fly by and every month I am happy to be getting use out of my products! Here is what I used up in the month of September!

Ahhh Sugar Sugar Aloha, Beaches Sugar Scrub: I did not think that I would like this scent, because I am not the biggest fan of coconut, but I really ended up enjoying it! You can hardly smell the coconut, and what really stands out is the cherry and pineapple juice. I already love Ahhh Sugar Sugar Scrubs, and this product does not disappoint! If you haven’t already, you NEED to try their scrubs.

The Dirty Goat Pink Grapefruit moisturizing body scrub: The Dirty Goat does good scrubs! They somehow seem to pack more “scrubbies” into a product than seemingly possible! It really does resurface the skin, and continue to moisturize after it has been used. The pink grapefruit scent is delightful as well! I have a review of this product here!

LUSH Aqua Marina Face Wash: If you have read any of my empties, you know that this is my holy grail face wash! It is perfect for my combination, sensitive skin. It keeps my skin clean, doesn’t irritate it, and keeps my oil at bay!

Macadamia Nourishing Moisture Hair Masque: I did not enjoy this product. I have used several different hair masks, and all of them were better than this one. I did not feel as if this helped or repaired my hair in any way. It may have added some extra moisture to my hair, but not much else. If nothing else, it did smell good!

Ahhh Sugar Sugar Morality Whipped Meringue: I enjoyed this whipped meringue! It is not my favorite scent they have done, but it is very clean and herbally. I really enjoy and recommend their whipped meringues! You can check out a review of this product here!

The Dirty Goat Natural Probiotic Deodorant: I LOVE this product! I cannot say enough good things about this deodorant! I recommend this product to everyone, and will continue to do it. It keeps me smelling fresh, does not have any of that pesky aluminum in it, and it smells amazing! My pores are also clear because I do not have any buildup of toxic metals! I have a review of this here and check out her website here!

Neutrogena Ultra Light Cleansing Oil: I love this cleansing oil! I use this to take off my makeup at night, and get my face ready to cleanse. This is an affordable oil that breaks down makeup, even oil based makeup. It has a pump, so the oil does not get all over the place, and it smells amazing! If you are in the market for a cleansing oil, I recommend giving this a shot!

E.l.f. Cleansing Cloths: These makeup wipes were just okay. They did not stay wet enough, so I felt like I needed to use something else to help get my makeup off. If they could stay saturated in the solution, then I believe they would be better. They are nice for the price, and they do get swatches off well.

Not Your Mother’s Hair Spray: This product is terrible, and I hate to say that. The nozzle got all clogged, so it either wouldn’t spray or would spray in a shot somewhere. It did alright to add hold to my hair, but it was nothing amazing. It is not something that I would buy again.

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask: I enjoyed this product and it did last a very long time, but it is not something that I would repurchase. I believe I can get the same results from a highly moisturizing lip balm and could pay a 1/4th of the price for it.

Colorado Earth Scents: We used up two 6-cube clams scented in Lemon Pound Cake and Java Joy. These were a few of my favorite! My fiánce and I love anything coffee scented, so the Java Joy was a huge hit in our house! I love anything lemon scent, so the Lemon Pound was a favorite of mine. I will definitely repurchase from this company. I like to use soy instead of paraffin, and this company does 100% Natural U.S. Soy Wax Melts. Check out their website here!

NYX Matte Finish: This is my favorite finishing spray! I like to have a matte finish, and it helps keep my makeup set all day. I have probably gone through 10 bottles of this, and continue to repurchase.

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