Ahhh Sugar Sugar Peppermint Mocha Bath Frosting

With fall upon us, and winter quickly approaching, I reached into my hall closet and brought out some fall/winter goodies from last season that I was saving for this special time.

Ahhh Sugar Sugar’s Bath Frostings are a whipped soap with added sugar for a mild exfoliant. I find that Ahhh Sugar Sugar’s Bath Frostings are not as drying as other soaps or shower gels, but I still use a lotion after the shower for a little extra hydration! Bath Frosting creates a nice thick lather when used with a loofa or one of Ahhh Sugar Sugar’s Sea Sponges! The sugar does provide a mild exfoliant. I notice it more in this particular Bath Frosting because of the added coffee grounds in this frosting.

Peppermint Mocha has scent notes of black coffee, sugar cane, and peppermint. It is a very strong sweet peppermint scent with the coffee as a back note. It smells deliciously like your favorite hot beverage! In the shower, the scent only increases, which makes for an amazing shower or bath experience. You are hugged by sweet peppermint and coffee. The peppermint oil actually leaves a cooling feeling on your skin and is a nice added touch.

As always, the container is reusable or recyclable. Ahhh Sugar Sugar never tests on animals and makes their own unique creations! If this comes back during a winter restock, I highly recommend picking it up!

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