August Empties

Here are my empties and mini reviews of what I used in the month of August!

I used up the Lemslip Buttercream from LUSH. I do not normally like LUSH’s Buttercreams but I really enjoyed this one. I felt like this one actually cleaned, and was more than just a high priced moisturizer. I really enjoyed the lemon scent and I would repurchase this product.

The Dirty Goat Lemon Love Whipped Cleansing Scrub: I very much enjoyed this product. It lathered up very nicely and still offered a nice exfoliation. I am a huge fan of the lemon scents, and I would most definitely repurchase next time it is offered! Here is my review of this product, go check it out!

Zoetic Be Confident Strawberries and Cream Sugar Body Polish: I highly enjoyed this scrub as well! It offers a nice exfoliation and the scent collection is out of this world! Definitely check out Zoetic’s Sugar Body Polishes, they are worth it! Check out my review of this product here.

LUSH Eau Roma Water: I like to use this toner water when my skin is feeling extra dry and sensitive. It has lavender and rose in it, which is super calming and hydrating for the skin. It has a nice relaxing, light lavender scent to it.

I used up three LUSH shower gels: So White, Back for Breakfast, and Butterball. All of these shower gels only had a little bit left in them, so before starting a new product, I used up the last remnants on these shower gels. I would not repurchase So White or Butterball, but I would repurchase Back for Breakfast.

Victoria Secret Noir Tease: I very much enjoyed this perfume, and I would repurchase again. Victoria Secret has nice perfume, and it becomes very reasonably priced when they go on sale!

Last but not least, I used up another Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo. I love this stuff, and I have probably been through 20 bottles of it! It is super affordable and works very well. I will continue to repurchase!

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