August Box of Sugar

Every single month, I am blown away by Ahhh Sugar Sugar’s Box of Sugar! They continue to amaze and surprise me with their new inventions and scents. I continue to think that there isn’t a way that Ahhh Sugar Sugar can shock and amaze me, but they do every month!

This month’s Box of Sugar theme was “Last Lick of Summer.” It was an amazing last box of summer, and a perfect way to end the summer scents. September’s theme is “A Boo-tiful Surprise!” and I can’t way to get my hands on all the upcoming fall scents! It will be a perfect start to the fall season and sweater weather!

The first product is Nat’s Nanners: A Sugar-Free Bath Frosting. Nat’s Nanners is named after Natalie who is the newest member of the Sugar Shack! Sugar Free Bath Frosting are a whipped soap that does not have any exfoliant in it. They are very moisturizing and cleansing. Nat’s Nanners has the scent notes of bananas, chocolate and waffle cones. What I smell is a very strong scent of bananas with just a hint of chocolate. It is a very intense banana smell. I do not enjoy the scent of bananas, so I will probably be regifting this bath frosting. It is a beautifully decorated bath frosting though, and I am sure that it will be thoroughly enjoyed.

Rainbow Sherbert: Solid Bubble Scoop. I am in love with this Solid Bubble Scoop! This is everything my fruity, citrusy-loving heart craves! This bubble scoop is brightly colored and super fruity smelling! This has scent notes of lime, pineapple, orange, raspberry, and vanilla. I can really smell the orange and pineapple on the forefront, the lime and raspberry come through underneath the tropical scent of the orange and pineapple. I do not smell the vanilla on cold, but I am curious to see if it comes out in the heat of the water. I am excited to use this in the tub, and I am planning on just using this and nothing else! This product can definitely stand alone!

The next product is the Snow Cone Lip Scrub. This product tastes AND smells good! I love lip scrubs and use them religiously. This lip scrub is just abrasive enough for the tender skin of your lips, and also adds nice moisture from the shea butter and avocado oil in this product. The scent notes of this product are sweet sugar and iced snow cone. To me, this smells like a sweet sugary candy, almost like those candy necklaces from our childhood.

The last product from this month’s Box of Sugar is Mango Sorbet Coconut Milk Salt Scrub. Ahhh Sugar Sugar does amazing salt scrubs. I believe they debuted their first Salt Scrub a few months back, and it was the perfect salt scrub. They are packed full of moisturizing oils and coconut milk that adds much needed nutrients back to your skin. The dead sea salt works wonders on resurfacing the skin. The scent notes are ripe mangoes, juicy lemons, and red raspberries. I can really smell the mangoes with a touch of the zesty/tart raspberries beneath the sweetness of the mangoes. This reminds me a lot of a native drink I had in the Bahamas that is made up of mangoes, coconuts, and rum.

Overall, this Box of Sugar was amazing and another wonderful surprise from Ahhh Sugar Sugar. I look forward to receiving my Box of Sugar every month and Ahhh Sugar Sugar never disappoints. Check out their Facebook group: AhhhSugarSugar Sugar Babies . There you can find all of the details for their upcoming sales and how to get a Box of Sugar!

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