The Upkeep of Solid Shampoo Bars

I love solid shampoo bars. I think they are an ingenious invention to help cut down on plastic and also add much needed nutrients to your hair.

As shampoo bars get used, they start to wear down, which is the natural course of things. But as they get thinner and smaller, I have noticed that they do not dry out as well between washes and they stick to the container and start to tear. They also start to get glumpy. I have noticed that some pieces can start to break off and stick in my hair. I would love to get my uses out of my products, but after I hit the halfway mark of my shampoo bars they don’t dry out as well, even using a container, and they start to wear down and thin out faster. Does this happen to you guys and how do guys combat this? I would love any tips!

One thought on “The Upkeep of Solid Shampoo Bars”

  1. I just keep mine in a spot that doesn’t get wet. I had it sitting in a lower shelf in the shower and it just wouldn’t dry! But now I have it on a high one, when the spay won’t get to it. Maybe that’ll help? Ps. Love your blog 😘


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