July Box of Sugar: Flashback Friday

Hooray for some old school Ahhh Sugar Sugar products! I have loved Ahhh Sugar Sugar for about a year and a half, but I was not actively buying from them right when I found them, so I feel as though I have missed out on a lot of their scents and products from their older days! I have missed the opportunity to have products with their old labels, and I had yet to smell Who Killed The Basic Witch scent, so this box was an extra special treat for me!

The first product I pulled out was of course Who Killed the Basic Witch Coffee Scrub! I was extremely anxious to smell this product because of all the hype surrounding it. Let me tell you… the hype is justified! It smells AMAZING! Ahhh Sugar Sugar states that it has scent notes of coffee, waffles, and pumpkin. I can smell the coffee and a hint of bakery from the waffles. But to me, I get a strong sweet/tart, almost apple, scent that is just lovely. I assume that that is the pumpkin, and I love that this is not a traditional pumpkin scent, because I am not a fan of the tradition pumpkin scents. This is a very delightful scent and scrub that has actual coffee in it. I am very excited to try this scent in more formats!

I pulled out Wonderland Whipped Meringue, well, because of my obsession with Ahhh Sugar Sugar’s Whipped Meringues! I was not in love on first sniff, so I put it back into the box. I took it out a couple days later, and fell in love! It is such a lovely, clean, spa-like scent. This is one of those times where I am just in awe of Ahhh Sugar Sugar and their mastery. I can detect each individual scent notes, but they are all perfectly blended in a clean, delicate, spa-like scent. On first scent, I can detect the green tea, then the aloe comes into play, and lastly the lavender helps calm and round out the scent. I am very excited to throw this perfectly sized 4 oz whipped meringue into my purse to use as a hand cream throughout the fall!

Next up is Mrs. Claus Bath Frosting with the old label! I am very excited to have an Ahhh Sugar Sugar product with an old label, call me crazy! I love the Mrs. Claus scent, and just recently used up and posted a review on my Mrs. Claus Whipped Meringue. Mrs. Claus is such a sweet musky scent that is not overpowering in its sweetness and is simply a lovely scent. It is one of my favorites from Ahhh Sugar Sugar! I already know that I love Ahhh Sugar Sugar’s bath frostings, so I cannot wait to get this in my bathroom!

Last, but certainly not least, is Carousel Shower Gel. I am not sure if Ahhh Sugar Sugar has created a shower gel before, but I am extremely anxious to try my first one from them! The Carousel scent might be a tad too sweet for me being birthday cake and cotton candy, but I will certainly give it a go! You can really smell the bakery vanilla cake scent with the sticky sweetness from the cotton candy. I am very interested to see how this shower gel performs and to see if Ahhh Sugar Sugar will start doing more shower gels.

Needless to say, I am totally in love with this Flashback Friday themed box of sugar! I can’t wait to try these products, but I am cautious to use them before I get any more of these scents in my stash! I am very excited for the August box for a couple of reasons! One, August is my birthday month so everything seems extra special to me. Plus the theme of the August box is Last Lick of Summer! I am hoping for some more new products and some more citrusy scents (my favorite) to hold me over until next summer!

As always, let me know what you want reviewed specifically and I will post it to my page!

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