Zoetic Glamour Shampoo Bar

I am a new believer and lover in shampoo bars. I believe shampoo bars are an amazing invention that helps reduce waste, are cost effective, and they eliminate parabens and sulfates. I do not have much experience with shampoo bars, but the little experience I do have, I know that I love them!

I have curly, can be frizzy, dry hair. I color my hair, and I have to use a lot of conditioner and oils to keep my curls curly and not frizzy, but not too much because I do not want my hair to be greasy or weighed down. I have very picky hair!

Zoetic’s Glamour Shampoo Bar is made of antioxidant and nutrient rich ingredients such as Kokum Butter and Black Cumin Seed Oil that promote hair growth and elasticity. It also has Moroccan Rose Oil and Avocado Oil that help moisturize the scalp and and nourish the strands along with strengthening the roots of the hair.

After only two uses of Glamour Shampoo Bar, I can tell a noticeable difference in my hair. My hair is softer and smoother, while still holding a curl, and does not feel weighed down at all! My hair feels less damaged, as in my ends don’t feel as rough or “in need” of a trim and my “fly aways” are tamed and not “flying” around my face. I am thoroughly impressed with this shampoo bar.

Zoetic recommends Glamour Shampoo Bar for normal to dry hair, and I would wholeheartedly agree. I feel with how much moisture this shampoo bar gives, it might be too much for oily-haired girls. For the dry-haired girls and guys, you MUST give this shampoo bar a try! It will change your hair game!

Glamour Shampoo Bar is scented with Rose and Strawberries. Right out of the box, you can smell the rose! It is a very strong floral scent. Once in the heat of the shower, the strawberry scent comes out to play. It turns into a sweet, floral scent. I do not notice that the scent lasts on the hair.

Zoetic is having a major sale right now, so now is the time to pick up some items to try! I will post the link for Glamour Shampoo Bar below, and I also highly recommend checking out the Sugar Body Polish, Bath Salt Soaks, and the Petal Drops! Let me know what you try and love!

Glamour Shampoo Bar

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