Mrs. Claus Whipped Meringue

I am all about a thick, moisturizing body butter. I love to slather myself from head to toe with anything I can find! This Whipped Meringue is super lightweight and absorbs into the skin easily. It has a high oil content for how lightweight this lotion is. Because of how moisturizing this body butter is, it only takes a little dollop to moisturize your body parts! Trust me, it is easy to use too much! Less is more with this product!

Now if you are looking at the scent notes, and are turned off by how sweet this scent sounds, don’t be! It is a sweet scent, but the musk does a lot to tone down the sweetness of the cotton candy and bubblegum. I cannot make out the specific notes of the cotton candy or the bubblegum, they mix together so seamlessly to create a nice sweet base and the white musk tones down the sweetness and adds some depth to the scent. On the skin, the white musk comes to the top, so you are left with a sweet smelling musky scent. It is definitely a scent worth trying out! The scent lasts on the skin nicely. If I apply this at night after my shower, I can still smell it the next day on my body, the sheets, and my pjs!

Whipped Meringues from Ahhh Sugar Sugar have become a staple product for me. They are super moisturizing on the skin, their scents are amazing, and they last on the skin for hours! They also have good ingredients in them which help repair and maintain the skin. Ahhh Sugar Sugar is a company I can get behind and stay behind. If you love body butters and are looking to try out a product of theirs, try a Whipped Meringue. You will not be disappointed!

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