Yuzu Scented Probiotic Deodorant

I have been searching high and low for an all natural deodorant without aluminum, that keeps me smelling fresh, and is reasonably affordable. If I could also find one that would support a small business, that would be even better!

Now enters The Dirty Goat Probiotic Deodorant! This deodorant is awesome! It is created without baking soda, so it doesn’t leave you with a rash. It has cocoa butter, emulsifying wax, and shea butter, so it is super gentle on your tender underarms. The arrowroot powder helps to keep to you dry and the diatomaceous earth helps to pull harmful toxins out of your body.

I ordered this deodorant in the Yuzu scent. This scent is a super light, fruity scent. It lasts on your skin all day, which is a must for a deodorant! The Yuzu scent is a permanent scent, along with Rose and Vetiver. Erica, the owner of The Dirty Goat, often comes out with limited times scents throughout the year as well!

Since I have entered the life of aluminum free deodorant, and my pores have no longer been clogged by the toxic metal, I find that I no longer stay “dry” throughout the day. I am fine with this aspect of the aluminum free life. This deodorant does not keep me dry throughout the day, but it does keep me fresh smelling, which is all I can ask for!

I would highly recommend this deodorant if you are in the market for an all natural, aluminum free deodorant! Also supporting small businesses with awesome owners is excellent! Here is a link for https://www.thedirtygoatsoapco.com/

Erica holds restocks often, and she is always coming out with new products to try! Check out her site and enjoy some of her amazing products!


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